LockerFix System

Lockerfix has revolutionised the way students use their school lockers and has a proven track record of saving money and generating income for schools and colleges throughout Ireland. Our system is hassle free and requires no maintenance whilst providing a cost effective, secure system to protect valuable items against theft.


How It Works

  • Lockerfix will fit a uniqe security device to your existing lockers
  • Included in this device is a Lockerfix heavy duty dial combination lock
  • Each lock has a unique unlock dial code and serial number
  • The school principal holds one master key – this key will open all locks
  • At the beginning of term all students are issued with their lock
  • Lockerfix compile a database of locks and users for school purpose (optional)
  • At the end of term all locks should be left on lockers
  • Lockerfix will collect all locks at the end of term and recycle them for use in the new school year
  • New school and college year locks are delivered back to the school


Benefits of LockerFix

Benefits To The School

  • Generates annual income for your school
  • Eliminates All Maintenance Costs
  • Dramatically reduces the amount of time your teachers spend looking after student lockers
  • Frees up valuable maintenance staff
  • No more costly repairs to lockers

Benefits To The Students

  • Provides a secure locker
  • High value items such as school books, phones and laptops can be stored securely
  • Students appreciate the value of having a secure locker and are provided with peace of mind

Benefits To The Environment

  • With the LockerFix system, all locks are recycled and reused
  • The LockerFix system eliminates the use of multiple locks over the school term
  • The Lockerfix system dramatically increases the life of your lockers


Free Demonstration

If you would like to request a free demonstration of our product, simply give us a call on 086 7950045


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